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Development of sequential sample processing protocol on a single anion-exchange solid-phase extraction disc for bottom-up/cross-linking mass spectrometry

ABSTRACT: In this project, we developed a rapid enzymatic digestion protocol within an anion exchange StageTip named AnExSP (anion-exchange disc-assisted sequential sample preparation) and, using data-independent acquisition, analyzed its digestion performance of human cellular protein extracts (HCPE) using trypsin and trypsin/Lys-C. The outstanding effectiveness and simplicity of AnExSP in sample preparation for gel-based cross-linking mass spectrometry was also verified.

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Nobuaki Takemori 

PROVIDER: PXD029444 | JPOST Repository | Wed Apr 20 00:00:00 BST 2022


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Bottom-up/cross-linking mass spectrometry <i>via</i> simplified sample processing on anion-exchange solid-phase extraction spin column.

Takemori Ayako A   Kawashima Yusuke Y   Takemori Nobuaki N  

Chemical communications (Cambridge, England) 20220118 6

We introduce a simple single-column protein digestion method for low-microgram-level samples containing sodium dodecyl sulfate and Coomassie dye that can be completed within a few hours. ...[more]

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