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Fed State Prior to Hemorrhagic Shock and Polytrauma in a Porcine Model Results in Altered Liver Transcriptomic Response

ABSTRACT: We sequenced liver mRNA from 23 individual pigs (5 prefed and 18 fasted) taken at 4 separate time points to evaluate the change in gene expression over the course of hemorrhagic shock and resuscitation in response to a carbohydrate prefed state. Overall design: Examination of mRNA levels in liver biopsies from pigs at 4 timepoints throughout hemorrhagic shock and resuscitation

INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina HiSeq 2000 (Sus scrofa)

SUBMITTER: Charles Edward Determan Jr 

PROVIDER: GSE55674 | GEO | 2014-03-07



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Fed state prior to hemorrhagic shock and polytrauma in a porcine model results in altered liver transcriptomic response.

Determan Charles C   Anderson Rebecca R   Becker Aaron A   Witowski Nancy N   Lusczek Elizabeth E   Mulier Kristine K   Beilman Greg J GJ  

PloS one 20140617 6

Hemorrhagic shock is a leading cause of trauma-related mortality in both civilian and military settings. Resuscitation often results in reperfusion injury and survivors are susceptible to developing multiple organ failure (MOF). The impact of fed state on the overall response to shock and resuscitation has been explored in some murine models but few clinically relevant large animal models. We have previously used metabolomics to establish that the fed state results in a different metabolic respo  ...[more]

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